Vaping to Quit Smoking – How to Stop Smoking With Electronic Cigarettes

Vaping to Quit Smoking

Learn how vaping to quit smoking is fast becoming the most effect method to stop smoking that there is. Keep reading to find out exactly how to do it.

Every smoker is aware of the fact that they must quit smoking, whether they do it sooner or later. Looking at doing the same and being advised by others to do so is simple, but bringing that change for real is more troublesome than non-smokers can even think of.

You have concluded that you now need to attempt your hands at electronic cigarettes, because you’ve seen others using them, and some of them have really figured out how to stop smoking by using e-cigarettes. Quitting smoking with the help of e-cigarettes is truly simple, and is actually a process of weaning yourself away from the addiction to nicotine by fighting the physical dependence of the drug in the meantime.

Quitting Smoking with E-Cigarettes

When trying to quit smoking with electronic cigarettes, you are not actually going to give up the habit completely, so you have got absolutely nothing to miss. You will be having something to keep on doing with your hands and mouth, thereby will not find yourself eating quite so often. People who opt for vaping to quit smoking do not suffer with the boosted appetite, as the nicotine is not eliminated from the equation. Instead, you will have an e-cigarette to put in your mouth rather than some fatty snacks.

The Steps

Here is an easy step-by-step guide to assist you in quitting smoking with electronic cigarettes, letting you bid farewell to smoking all together.

STEP 1 : Choosing The Right E-Cigarette

E-cigarettes use nicotine liquids or cartridges that permit you to alter your nicotine levels from strong to nill. There are various flavors to choose from and a wide range of e-cigarette models. See this page for compares different e-cigarettes to determine which vape kit is best for you. Ego is an amazing brand that offers several products suiting the particular needs of most individuals, making the process even more easier for them. The 2nd generation vape kits I offer are perfect to use for giving up smoking as you have complete control of what you put into it and can choose the appropriate strength and flavor of the e-liquids. To assemble and know the extent of charging the battery before using the electronic cigarette, read the manual accompanying them. On an average, it must be charged for at least three hours. Assembling the e-cigarette comprises of screwing or snapping parts together.

STEP 2 : Beginning With a Higher Strength

If you are an average smoker, your first e-cigarette ought to accompany an e-liquid of higher strength. Heavier smokers may pick the highest strength nicotine e-liquid, and social smokers may go for a lighter one in the different lower strength ranges. You have to advance from real cigarettes to e-cigarettes, and you will keep on smoking them for some time. Typically, it is recommended around eight weeks.

STEP 3 : Dropping Down the Nicotine Levels

When you have used the electronic cigarette for a little while, and you feel comfortable to use it, you can reduce the nicotine levels from the higher strength to medium strength. It may seem scary, but it is totally worth it. Some e-cigarette brands have different strengths available, so if you plan to reduce it in slightly smaller stages, opt for a brand that offers a broad spectrum of strengths.

Once more, you will need to remain focused for around six to eight weeks or something like that before advancing into the next level, yet attempt to utilize your e-cigarette a little less this time. In the event that you are attempting to get used to a lower nicotine level while using an e-cigarette you can’t exactly get the hang of, you’re going to feel unsettled. So, it is advised to take your time, even if it takes two or three months to settle down.

STEP 4 : Advancing to Low Nicotine Levels

This is the stage where many individuals get terrified. At this phase of your journey, you are going to need to drop down a nicotine level one more time. This time you must be dropping from medium to low, and you are going to begin depending on the e-cigarette lesser. When you advance to the low strength, you ought to purposely begin leaving your electronic cigarette at home. When you leave for work, keep it in your bag but try keeping your bag away from you so that you can’t reach it easily. You could even try leaving it in your car, you can always return to the car during your work breaks should the urge become too much to restrain from.

Even if it is just for a few hours, the idea is to get used to being a non-smoker. Low strength is only one more step away from becoming a non-smoker. Usually, this step three is the shortest in the course of quitting smoking with e-cigarettes. You’ve effectively done a large portion of the diligent work and got yourself down to this point. You are just using the little bit of nicotine in your e-cigarette now. Soon, you will be completely nicotine-free.

STEP 5 : Reducing The Levels to ‘ZERO’

The next step is to to drop to zero nicotine. Purchase several bottles of zero strength fluids to refill your e-cigarette tank chamber with, and have them to hand. In a couple of days, you are not going to be dependent on nicotine any longer. You may find yourself feeling irritable for some days as you are currently working on zero nicotine. Slowly, you will have figured out how to partner your e-cigarette on smoking, so it will help you more than everything else, in a mental manner.

When you achieve a three or four days on no nicotine at all, you won’t be addicted to it any longer. We would suggest keeping your e-cigarette on standby, however attempt to leave it in spots where it won’t get your attention. In the event that you ever feel the need of a cigarette, simply return back to the zero nicotine e-cigarette that you have kept at safe some place.


Keep in mind, when you are trying to quit smoking with electronic cigarettes, it is not going to be a process that is complete magically quick. It’ll be a long and, sometimes, rather troublesome process. You’re taking a gander at using these electronic cigarettes for at least four or five months. Many people take around a year to stop. The withdrawals will be nothing in comparison with what you would need to tackle with if you were simply quitting the smokes suddenly. Your desires will be fulfilled by a short burst of nicotine from these electronic cigarettes.

And… Good luck, you can do it!

TIP: To quit smoking by vaping you will need both nicotine free e-juice and high strength nicotine e-juice. Buy a bottle of both and use a third empty bottle to make up a new mixture. You will be able to mix together the zero nicotine and the high strength nicotine to create just the right amount for your current stage. You can get both from me here:

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