How to Vape – How to Use an E-Cigarette Properly

Have you have just bought your first e-cigarette, or are you just about to? The first thing you will need to do is learn how to vape, or how to use the e-cigarette. Keep reading as this article is a step by step guide explaining exactly how to use electronic cigarette.

What is an E-cigarette

E-cigarettes, also commonly referred to as vapes, tanks or even e-cigs, are vaporizers, which function thanks to the power of lithium batteries. The major difference between them and traditional cigarettes is e-cigs make use of e-liquids instead of tobacco to effect a “nicotine hit.” The e-liquids, or more popularly e-juices, that are utilized comprise of nicotine along with a range of flavorings, colorings and even chemicals, including propylene glycol.

Essentially, e-cigarettes are widely considered to be one of the most practical alternatives to traditional cigarettes. This is simply because the nicotine content in them may be significantly decreased. This can help you to wean yourself away from your nicotine dependence. So, if you are trying to gradually quit smoking, using vapes can be a very convenient way to go about it. Read more on what an e-cigarette is here.

How to Vape

Well then, here is a step-by-step and in-depth guide on how to vape in the most proper manner.

Most vapers tend to prefer using clearomizers that feature replaceable coils. This is simply because this option is the most cost effective in the long term.

  • The average lifespan of these coils is usually not more than 2 – 4 weeks. So, instead of having to dispose of the entire device, you only have to replace the coil with a newer one.
  • The e-juices, normally sold separately, can be of varying flavors as well as varying nicotine counts. In the event, you are attempting to quit smoking, you can always settle for those. They contain lower nicotine levels, or even e-juice with no nicotine in it whatsoever.
  • Also, those with particular flavors you like to savor can make it infinitely easier to gradually do away with your dependence on nicotine.
  • At the same time, these vape starter kits can offer a variety of different flavors. This definitely implies you can be able to try out several, before in the long run, picking out the one that you like best.
  • Finally, another plus for utilizing clearomizers is they have clear stems. You can at a glance, conveniently determine just how much e-juice is left in them.

How to Draw Vapor with E-cigarettes

Before utilizing a vape, you should be very conscious of the various dissimilarities between smoking traditional cigarettes and vaping.

  • As a traditional cigarette smoker, you may have being accustomed to take short, fast drags.
  • However, with an e-cig, you will have to get accustomed to take long, but gradual drags. Keep drawing until the moment your mouth is filled with vapor.
  • Additionally, chain smoking is not feasible with e-cigarettes. Vaping too much, as is often the case, leads to throat irritation, sore throats together with taste bud burnouts. The last of which is now commonly referred to as the “vaper’s tongue.“
  • So, make it a point to take no more than 7 draws per each vaping session. Doing this will not only give your throat a break, but let the e-cig’s coil cool down.

Turning On Your Clearomizer

Before we can get to how you should be vaping, you should first of all learn how to activate your tank.

  • For safety purposes, these devices are made available for sale turned off. When you unpack a new one, you will have to turn it on, prior to safely using it.
  • To this end, e-cigarette batteries come with buttons to let you do this. In most cases, you will have to depress this given button for at least 5 times quickly in order to activate the device.
  • Also, just before you take each draw, you will have to depress this button. If you fail to do this, you might hear a fizzing sound, which can cause damage to your device. So, depressing the button prior to taking a drag can prolong the lifespan of your e-cig.

Well, with that fully understood, this how to use e-cigarette guide will now get directly on just how you can do so.

Priming Your Clearomizer

When you attempt to use a new e-cigarette immediately after filling its tank, you will be bound to obtain a burnt taste. This is generally referred to as a “dry hit.” This is usually triggered by the e-juice failing to “wick” appropriately. Alternatively, it can be caused by the coil consuming the e-liquid far too fast. To avoid this pesky occurrence, give the device at least a 5-minute break after turning it on.

Another effective way to avoid dry hits, is swilling e-juice around the coil. This will ensure the e-liquid can be efficiently absorbed by the wick. Another way to prime your e-cigarette is this. Take the coil out and drip a few drops of e-juice directly on to the wick. (As in the image below.)

Draw Gradually and Consistently

  • When you take your very first drag, take a gradual and consistent draw from the mouthpiece.
  • Do this until the moment your mouth is filled with vapor.
  • At all costs, never draw the vapor into your lungs, until that point it has totally filled your mouth.
  • Next, hold the vapor for no more than 5 seconds, before proceeding to inhale it into your lungs.
  • Finally, exhale it out of either the nose or mouth.

Wait for not less than 30 seconds for the nicotine hit

At this juncture, it is essential to state something that is contrary to regular cigarettes smoking. This is that you absorb nicotine from a vape in the mucus membranes of your mouth, nose and lungs. Smokers of regular cigarettes normally wait for about 10 seconds to feel the “nicotine hit.” Conversely, with an e-cig, the nicotine absorption happens much more gradually via the mucus membranes. As such, it can take as much as 30 seconds for you to be able to feel the “nicotine hit.”

How to Obtain a Strong Throat Hit with an E-cigarette

Most smokers relish a distinctive hit at the back of the throat. For this, you will have to learn to take much longer draws on your vape. This will let much more vapor gather in your mouth, and ultimately the throat hit will be stronger. Also, the e-juice flavor you use can influence the levels of vapor your e-cig can produce. So, by settling for tobacco based e-liquid flavors, you can obtain more pleasurable throat hits.

Another way of getting a strong throat hit is by turning up the voltage of your device. But make sure the tank has plenty of e-juice in it. You don’t want to get a dry hit.

Why should you utilize less nicotine levels in your e-liquid when using a high wattage device?

With added power, normally comes increased consumption. High powered tanks tend to literally devour e-juice.

  • To produce much thicker vape clouds, you will need to use a e-liquid consisting of more VG than PG in its mix.
  • The higher wattage or more powerful the device is, the faster and hotter it evaporates the nicotine. This will result in a very harsh and over the top experience.
  • In turn, the more e-juice you consume, the more nicotine you will consume as well. So, if you utilize high-wattage tanks, ensure you stick to lesser nicotine counts e-liquids.
  • Failing to do this, will convert that throat hit you crave into an extremely harsh experience.
  • Additionally, using more nicotine levels in your e-juice, can lead to nicotine overdose. Some of the side effects of this include nausea, insomnia, migraines and even rapid pulse rates.

Other Causes of the Dry Hit Effect

On a parting shot, here are some other common causes of dry hits, besides failing to prime your tank.

  • First, using an old coil can cause you to experience persistent dry hits. As you remember, a vape coil only lasts for approximately between 2 and 4 weeks, after which you will have to replace it with a newer one.
  • Secondly, as a new vaper, you may fail to discern just how much e-liquid your e-cig needs to function as required. Another common cause of dry hits is utilizing an almost depleted e-juice or worse, a barren tank.
  • Thirdly, “chain vaping” is also yet another factor that contributes to this experience. So, try to space out your vaping sessions, with appropriate periods of inaction.

Well, now you certainly know just how to vape in the right manner.

Purchasing the Right E-cigarette Kit

Before you can actually learn how to use e-cigarette, you first of all need to get your hands on the right product. If you are totally green to the vaping way, it can be prudent to purchase a complete e-cig starter kit. In the context of this guide, we primarily focus on clearomizer devices, also known as tanks, rather than the cartomizer varieties. The major difference between the two is the last feature absorbent filler materials, which are designed to hold e-juice, and relay them to in-built atomizers.

Conversely, tanks don’t come with these filler materials. Rather, they depend on a reservoir that holds the e-liquid, and relays it to the wicks, which traverse the coil. I have also written an article especially for people who can’t decide what sort of e-cigarette they should get to start with. It is a complete guide explaining each e-cigarette kit and comparing the differences between them. It will surely help you in deciding what is the best e-cigarette starter vape kit to get.

Finally, I hope this guide has been helpful for you and you now fully understand exactly how to vape and use an e-cigarette properly. Now, go ahead and buy one.

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