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The vape tricks performed in these videos are done by expert vapers. Don’t fret if it looks daunting, it takes a lot of practice to get these tricks right.

Vaping is the process of inhaling and exhaling water vapor produced by an e-cigarette. It’s a tobacco-free and sometimes even nicotine-free activity that’s absolutely safe to practice. When referring to this activity, the word ‘smoking’ is not used since there’s no smoke produced at all.

Ever since it was introduced, vaping has gained immense popularity among users. It is also regarded as one of the best alternatives to cigarettes. Besides having less side-effects compared to other traditional forms of smoking, vape is also used for entertainment purposes.

Impressive Vape Tricks

There are various interesting vape tricks that you can do. There is the bull ring, waterfall, ghost inhale, tornado among many others. Nevertheless, before conducting these hacks it’s important to have a decent vape mod and sub-ohm vape tank as well. Below are some of the popular tricks that you can try:

I. Vapor Bubble

This procedure involves making a huge bubble by trapping exhaled vapor within a bubble. It’s quite simple to do and looks very attractive as well. To perform it, you first need to make a small cut on the base of a plastic bottle. Then use a hand-soap and water solution to create the bubbles. Ensure that the bottle you are using is considerably small.

Next, lower the bottom end of your bottle into the solution then lightly exhale the vapor.

II. Ghost Inhale

Ghost inhale is also sometimes referred to as mushroom cloud or the snap inhale. It’s a beginner level hack that involves the release of balls of vapor, then quickly ‘snapping’ it back in. You can do this fun cloud vape process by inhaling a long drag. Then allow it to linger inside the oral cavity for some seconds before rapidly exhaling the vapor in a nice ball shape.

III. Tornado

As the name suggests, Tornado is an interesting and enthralling maneuver that will capture the imagination of anybody who sees it. The ploy entails making a smooth pool of vapor that eventually turns into a tornado shape. All you need to do is cautiously exhale your vapor on a flat surface, while keeping in mind that it needs to be thick.

Thereafter, use your hands to chop at the top surface. Then move your wrist quickly upwards and raise your arm. Ensure that the entire process is done at once.

IV. Blowing Os

As the name suggests, this hack involves making a letter O out of the vapor. (In the olden days these O’s were called smoke rings.) All you need to do is taking a long drag and lingering it in your throat. When doing this maneuver, your tongue should always be at the bottom part of your mouth and pulled towards the rear end of your throat.

Next, form an ‘O’ shape using your lips. Then make rapid, pulsating motions with your throat while allowing the vape to be released in a letter O shape.

V. French Inhale

French inhale is yet another impressive maneuver whereby vapor flows upwards from the mouth. This means that you eventually inhale it via the nostrils. The French inhale can easily be done with an rda vape. To perform it simply allow the vapor to settle inside your mouth after a long drag.

Thereafter, slowly open your mouth and push the lower jaw outwards while allowing the vapor to come out naturally. A small twist to this hack is that you need to continually inhale the steam via your nostrils.

VI. The Waterfall

Waterfall is another interesting trick that basically involves turning vape into a thick and versatile water-like substance. This maneuver is not hard to master and will only take you a few minutes to perform. It can be achieved by simply adding a bottle that has frozen water at the bottom.

When taking a drag, blow it inside the bottle then gently pour it out.

VII. Bull Ring

The bull ring trick also resembles letter O, but instead of using the oral cavity to make it here you must exhale via the nose. Hence, you eventually end up releasing Os through your nose. The entire process is not painful for those who may be concerned about feeling discomfort.

Simply blow a dense medium O, then using your nostrils inhale the vape ring’s top section. This may require some practice to master.

VIII. The Dragon

Though a little bit extravagant compared to the others, it’s very exciting to see and will greatly impress your peers. To perform this move, simply take a drag but don’t inhale it. Instead forcefully exhale it via your nose and also through both sides of the mouth.

Expert Vape Tricks

And now for the experts to show you how it’s done. This video is a collection of vape tricks done perfectly by professional cloud chasing masters.

Cloud Chasers Summary

Vaping tricks are often used by cloud chasers to pass time in an interesting way. They can be performed using both vape pens and e-cigs. Whether you want to do the maneuvers alone or with friends, it can be a thrilling activity and hobby for everyone.

While some of the hacks may require time to master before doing them expertly, others are quite easy to do.

There are various instructions videos online that can help you learn more about the vape maneuvers. Additionally, you can regularly practice in-front of a mirror to perfect your skills.

Furthermore, never be discouraged even if you don’t succeed in doing a certain trick the correct way. Always remember that most of them require some time in order to get things right. Similarly, after mastering the tricks remember to teach your friends and peers who may also be interested in performing them.

Vape hacks can be performed in birthday events and other fun social activities such as family get-togethers, office parties and so on.

Vaping is a better alternative to smoking. There are no adverse side effects related to it such as bad breath and lung infection. It makes use of E-liquids that consist of either vegetable glycerin (VG) or propylene glycol (PG). They can also be combined with a variety of natural or artificial flavors to create exotic and distinctive aromas.

During vaping, an e-cigarette’s battery activates the atomizer which then heats the E-liquid to create vapor. The user then inhales this steam to create vape tricks. Vaping is legal in most countries around the world. Because it has very few side effects, but still be mindful of others around you.

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