Ego CE5 Single Blister Kit


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As opposed to the ce4, the atomizer of the ego ce5 blister kit uses a replaceable coil.


The Ego CE5 E-Cigarette is a Fantastic Basic Starter Kit

This basic kit has a ce5 clearomizer (with replaceable coil). The kit comes with a large 1100mah battery which will last easily all day. (It used to have the 650mah battery but we found the 1100mah battery is twice as good.) Also included is a USB charging cord which can charge the battery from any computer or USB hub. The ce5 e-cig clearomizer is a great e-cigarette for beginner vapers, easy to use, reliable and cheap.


  • 1 x Ego CE5 E-Cigarette Clearomizer and Atomizer
  • 1 x 1100mah Rechargeable Battery
  • 1 x USB charging cord

Color: Black and Silver.

The ego ce5 blister kit qualifies for the complimentary 10ml bottle of e-juice

These ego models are some of the most reliable and cheapest e-cigarettes out there. They are absolutely perfect for those wanting to try vaping for the very first time. Some people love them so much they stick with the ego ce5 e-cigarette for years. You can’t really go wrong, they’ll give you a great taste for what vaping is all about and won’t cost anymore than even one packet of cigarettes. But unlike the normal cigarettes, you won’t need a new packet the next day. These electronic cigs last for ages (just keep recharging the battery and refilling the tank with e-juice). Also, the ce5 version has a replaceable coil, so after a few weeks of use, you can get a new coil. Ego CE5 coils are only $5 from the accessories page.

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