Marsh Mallow 60ml



Marshmallow Man by Marina Vape is one of these flavors. It is a a simple flavor profile that is extremely genuine. It tastes like a giant, fluffy, and gooey marshmallow; By your first hit you will realize it tastes just like a real marshmallow straight out of the bag. If you do some more research online you will find hundreds of in depth a positive flavor reviews.
Marshmallow Man by Marina Vape is vaped all over the world and it’s known for its light sugary notes on the inhale and fluffy creamy flavor accents on the exhale. It is and e liquid that has a soft throat hit that is quite enjoyable. From start to finish you will experience a hit full of luscious vapor that soothes the throat and goes down smooth.
It was masterfully blended with a 70%/30% VG/PG ratio

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