Shipping Information for Vapor Cigarettes NZ Products

Shipping Within New Zealand

Shipping Cost

A standard shipping fee of $3.00 is charged for all orders within New Zealand. I use standard prepaid red plastic post bags from NZ Post. If the packaged order does not fit into a $3.00 red bag, I will use the larger $4.00 bag, or the even larger $5.00 red bag, however still only charge the set $3.00 shipping cost. This is pretty much the cheapest shipping rates in the country, and works just fine.


As part of Vapor Cigarettes NZ promotion I include FREE tracking. This is standard NZ Post tracking and costs will vary depending on the specifications of each order. Generally this cost is between $1.50-$8.00. (FREE TO YOU). I use this information just for back-up in case the package gets lost in the post or delivered to the wrong address etc. I can then contact NZ Post with the tracking number and they can tell me what has happened to it. Generally I do not disclose the tracking number to customers. However, you may always ask me for it and I will send it to you so you can keep track of where your order is at.

NZ Post Service

On the whole, I have found that NZ Post is pretty fast and reliable. There are times however when parcels take longer to get to their destination than they should. On these rare occasions the mess-up will pretty much always, eventually be sorted out. It should be noted that NZ Post slows right down or stops completely during public holidays and in the weekends. This means that orders made on Friday through to Sunday will normally not be processed until the Monday. In some cases if you’re lucky (especially in Christchurch), orders made on Friday will be delivered the next day.

Shipping Overseas – International Shipping

I ask everyone outside of New Zealand who wants to make an order to contact me first (before any order is made). This is because each order is different and there is quite a bit of extra processing involved. Depending on the country, and the contents of the order, further costs will need to be paid. The main problem with sending e-cigarette products overseas is that most orders include lithium batteries. NZ post requires lithium batteries to be declared and further fees to be paid. They also restrict only two lithium batteries to be sent in any one package. Costs will vary depending on the contents/weight and value of that actual order, the particular country, and the specific location in that country. For example a standard magic stick starter kit posted to Queensland Australia costs me an extra $45.60. Plus I am required to fill out 3 extra forms with both customer and sender full details. This includes telephone numbers, addresses, contents of goods including manufacturers name and address, and signatures in front of the postal officer… As you can see, this is quite a bit extra work, and extra costs. It can often make the whole thing uneconomical. This is why I ask anybody wanting to make an international order to contact me first.

What Happens After Contacting Me?

I will examine your circumstances and make an approximate cost for you to consider. If you decide to go ahead with your order I will make up a special option in the shopping cart for you to select. This will include the extra costs associated with your particular order. You can then go ahead with your intended order and pay for the product you wanted, and all the necessary associated costs in one action. All international orders made without consulting with me first will be disregarded. These conditions are here for you to heed and are very clearly stipulated. If you go ahead and ignore these conditions (make an international order without consulting with me first), I will have the right not to refund you, but I will.. just don’t do it, okay? Please see the terms and conditions.

Final Thoughts

At the moment the vast majority of Vapor Cigarettes NZ customers are here in New Zealand. Local NZ shipping applies to all areas in the country and no matter where you are in NZ you can easily have your order delivered, and it will in most cases be just three bucks. Because of the complications involved in international shipping (as I explained above) I do not make it standard policy to ship overseas. This might change in the future, but for now I am concentrating on Kiwis. Okay mate? That said, should you really want to make an international order don’t forget you MUST CONTACT ME FIRST!

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