Vaping to Quit Smoking – How to Stop Smoking With Electronic Cigarettes

Learn how vaping to quit smoking is fast becoming the most effect method to stop smoking that there is. Keep reading to find out exactly how to do it.

Bills’ Ecig Story – A Man Hopelessly Addicted to Cigarettes

For the past twenty years, Bill’s lungs have been weakening. It started out with a minor cough that seemed to never relent, and it culminated in difficulty breathing and a […]

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Vape Tricks – Cloud Chasers Vaping Smoke Tricks

The vape tricks performed in these videos are done by expert vapers. Don’t fret if it looks daunting, it takes a lot of practice to get these tricks right. Vaping […]

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Is Vaping Bad for You and Are E-Cigarettes Safe?

Are e-cigarettes safe? Is vaping bad for you? Is vaping better than smoking? These questions are some of the most asked questions in world when it comes to e-cigarettes and vaping. […]

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Making Sense of Negative Vape Reports and The Negative E-Cig People

Which E-Cig Studies Are True? If you are anything like me you might be a little confused about whether electronic cigarettes are safe or not. It seems like every week […]

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E-Juice Ingredients – What’s in E-Liquid and What’s it Made of?

Have you ever wondered what exactly e-juice is made of? In this article I explain each of the four e-juice ingredients that all e-liquids are made of. keep reading to […]

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Cali’s Story – How Vaping Turned a Teenage Girls Life Around

Vape Magic – Part 1 “Ouch!” said Cali. The dentist shook his head and did his best to hold her still. “Now Cali,” said the dentist. “You have to sit […]

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